Ashley Myers

Master Stylist/ Salon Owner



"I moved to Kansas City at 19 years old on my own. I had a car (with a payment), full of clothes and a few pillows. Probably $792 in my bank account (if I had to guess). I did it with out a care in the world. I made it work. It was rough, I didn't have financial help or any backing but I kept my smile on and WORKED! I loved that first one bedroom apartment. It was mine, 100% mine. To this day I LIVE in the moment! With hairdressing, I know I am meant to be a mentor and a student everyday>>>AND I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!


After relocating I immediately started working at a chain salon in 2004. This is when and where I met and fell in love with my soul mate Nathan, also a hairstylist. After that first year working together, we connected a little more every day. We had so little but so much in common. We talked on the phone for months and today I can't even remember what it was we talked about. We were becoming close friends plain and simple. >>> Shortly after our first REAL date in early November, 2005 it was more than apparent we were meant to be together (I mean he picked me up with flowers and a bottle of wine "I was 20 LOL", opened my car door and still does every just worked, we worked and we work well).

We were so young, inexperienced and naive when we started at Birdcage Salon in August 2008. It takes incredibly long days and not enough hours to get where we are. It hasn't always been an easy road being entrepreneurs. With the high risks we've taken and staying indestructible as a couple... we have developed a beautiful salon and a very strong team. We just continue to work hard to play hard... traveling is what me and my boo love to do!"

"Education is the most important tool for our team success...

with advanced education ignites their passion...

with their passion as a TEAM we can achieve more than ONE could imagine!"



~Ashley Myers, Owner


  • R+Co PRODUCT LAUNCH advanced product knowledge October 2019

  • Aquage Business Building August 2019

  • Aquage Editorial Hair for Social Media August 2019

  • Schwarzkopf "Tone on Tone" advanced color education June 2019

  • Schwarzkopf advanced balayage techniques January 2019

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy Free Forms cutting November 2018

  • Schwarzkopf Color Decoded: Balayage, babylights and more October 2018

  • Schwarzkopf Color Decoded: Advanced Blonde color class September 2018

  • Aquage Academy Pure Form cutting July 2018

  • Schwarzkopf Color Decoded: The Consultation July 2018

  • Schwarzkopf "More Vibrance" color class Westport, MO June 2018

  • Sunlights Mastering Balayage Chicago, IL May 2018

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy Kansas City September 2017

  • Womens advanced cutting with clippers June 2017

  • Schwarzkopf color placement and balayage October 2016

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy Chicago, IL June 2016

  • Schwarzkopf Silver Lights class April 2016

  • Schwarzkopf color correction class February 2016

  • Color Blur, Balayage and Sombre class Overland Park, Ks October 2015

  • America's Beauty Show, Chicago, IL 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018

  • Team Strength by Jen Planck Chicago March 2014 and 2015

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy, Las Vegas, NV July 2015

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy, Omaha, NE May 2013

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy, Omaha, NE May 2015

  • Aquage Specialist training Omaha, NE March 2013

  • Aquage Specialist training Omaha, NE September 2013

  • Aquage Specialist training Omaha, NE September 2014

  • Aquage Specialist training Omaha, NE March 2015

  • Aquage Co-Founder Luis Alvarez photography classes January 2012 and Las Vegas July 2015

  • Babe Tape-in extension hands on class October 2012

  • Mens Dept Architecture of hair, Minneapolis, MN October 2013

  • Multiple guest artists in our salon including Schwarzkopf color classes, Aquage platinum education (exclusive to our salon), Keratin and many more

  • Eric Fisher Business Class Grapevine, TX January 2012 and Las Vegas July 2015

  • Johnson County Community College, Leadership and Business Management course July 2015

  • Aquage Masterclass Academy, Grapevine, TX January 2012


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Color correction
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