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The Birdcage Salon was officially established in early 2004. We were married in Mexico and started owner at Birdcage in August 2008. We have an extremely strong passion for our salon, salon team and our guests. On a daily basis we do things to be better for each other, the community and our salon family. Our goal for Birdcage Salon has always been and still is a happy team of successful stylists. We have found our salon vision and culture has been created by having a wonderful team of like minded, honest, passionate and educated professionals. Nathan and I have worked together since we met each other. The moment we met at a chain salon late 2004, we have had an extraordinary personal and work relationship, sharing a common passion for the hair and fashion industry. We both were living separate lives... while becoming really close friends. In November 2005 we agreed it was worth going against the corporate rules and go on a date. He picked me up at my apartment with wine and flowers. Later that evening we went downtown to the Thai Place for our first date. To say the least we have never spent a night apart since then. There was a chance for me to surprise him with a few days with some of his buddies to play at a PGA golf courses in California. My step daughters and I booked it as a surprise and we both cried for the three days until he left for literally one weekend. We haven't been apart since and we are both happy with that. We are best friends; soul mates, husband and wife that have the same interest in making people feel and look great. ~Ashley Myers


The Birdcage Salon is R+Co and R+Co BLEU exclusive. R+Co hair care products prove to be consistent in premium quality and excellent value. They are a concentrated line that is formulated with NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES (SLS AND SLES), NO MINERAL OIL, NO PETROLATUM, 100% VEGAN, LEAPING BUNNY CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE, GLUTEN FREE AND EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT CONTAINS THERMAL POLYMERS TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR COLOR AND PROTECT FROM HEAT. We are the only R+Co exclusive salon in the Kansas City area. We are so proud to have them as business partner. Their innovation is just out of this world, along with performance, packaging and fragrance. What really stood out to us about becoming R+Co exclusive is how much they care for independent salon teams. We have education available at our finger tips any time we want. They have work shops and tours all over the United States and they're a global hair line. We are so proud of Birdcage Salon and what we have built our lives to be, since 2008. We will always provide our team and our guests with the best personal service, quality innovative hair care and most of all, education. Giving back to our community is our life purpose. We love to help others achieve their goals, positivity, creativity and professional growth.



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